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Dongjie service is trustworthy

Dongjie special parts are mainly matched with well-known textile machinery and textile enterprises at home and abroad. The main supporting users are Jingwei shares, Dongtai Mazzoli, Jingwei Heli, Shanxi Best, Zhejiang Kailing, Ningbo Dechang, Zhejiang Rifa, Hebei Taihang, Shanxi Hongji, Wuxi Hongyuan, Jiangyin Huafang Technology, Jiangyin Jiangdong, Nearly a thousand enterprises such as Wuxi First Cotton, China Resources Group and Northwest First Cotton.

The products of Dongjie Textile Machinery Special Parts have always been oriented towards high-end, and adhere to the positioning of high-quality.

Based on the business philosophy of "integrity-based, professional pursuit, innovation and pragmatism, focusing on service and people-oriented"

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