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To solve common problems of enterprises, public services must be strengthened

The financial crisis is a reshuffle. When the storm comes, some bosses will only complain that the ship is unstable and cannot be opened. In fact, anyone can do it when everything goes smoothly, and only when difficulties come can you see the true ability. For enterprises, the environment created by the government is very important, but they must also understand the general trend and do what they should do.
17 2011/08

Participate in textile machinery manufacturing

Our company is a domestic enterprise specializing in the production of special parts and accessories for textile machinery such as steel ring, roller, roller plate, steel ring plate, etc.
17 2011/08

Unsolved questions hanging in front of the general trend

In an interview with reporters, industry analysts believed that because the operation of the industry fell to the bottom due to the financial crisis in early 2009, there was a compensatory increase in market demand in the second half of the year, and corporate orders rebounded. The boom in market demand is conducive to the troubled enterprises to get out of trouble, but at the same time, the rebound in orders has caused difficulties such as rising prices of raw materials and labor shortages to surface again.
17 2011/08

Jiangyin Dongjie welcomes development opportunities and challenges

At the end of the year, Zang Chendong, general manager of Jiangyin Dongjie Textile Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. and Xinjie Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
17 2011/08

Seize the opportunity to meet the challenge

On the basis of summing up the domestic advanced textile machinery special parts manufacturing experience, Dongjie Company draws on foreign production technology and management mode for reference.
24 2021/06

Actively promote standardization to lead the high-quality development strategy

In recent years, while continuously increasing innovation and enhancing core competitiveness, CMC has actively promoted the strategy of leading high-quality development through standardization, cross-field and cross-industry integration and collaboration, and has achieved fruitful results.
24 2021/06
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