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Import yarn "strong inside weak" amount of bonded or gradually touched the top

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According to guangdong, zhejiang, and shandong cotton traders, domestic cotton prices relatively weak since late October, cotton spot market downturn, the yarn CIF, CNF and customs clearance after the
According to guangdong, zhejiang, and shandong cotton traders, domestic cotton prices relatively weak since late October, cotton spot market downturn, the yarn CIF, CNF and customs clearance after the people's currency offer overall, foreign exporters and importers relatively calm, wait-and-see mood of the main body. On the one hand, by India's CCI in all production areas, a massive cotton purchase and price increases, the 2014 annual MSP/quintal 50 rupees (according to the current rupee, MSP purchase price of 64.5 cents/pounds), with the United States producing a rainfall and cotton picking schedule to slow the decline of the total output of cotton in xinjiang and China not only to reduce the supply of high quality leather cotton at least more than 30%, causing ICE continued consolidation in 61-64 cents/pound van body; On the other hand, influenced by Pakistan's collapse of 30% cotton and enterprise strike (the Pakistani government tax by 10% for imported cotton yarn, the Indian mills and exporters to an increase in the price of cotton yarn exports lead to some problems facing execution order ahead of time, while the TPP agreement, make Vietnamese companies, like Japan, Singapore and other countries to meet, export barriers in the United States are clear, so the Vietnam mills,.ltd and garment factories started a larger "bureau", some Chinese traders forecast in December after yarn of consignment quantity will gradually fall.
In late October, China's main ports, India, Pakistan, C21S and C32S, stabilized at 17200-17,500 yuan/ton and 18800-19200 yuan/ton. The price of C21S and C32 yarns produced in Vietnam is higher than that of India and Pakistan yarns of 200-300 yuan/ton due to their cotton blending and good quality. And domestic cotton yarn with zheng period, domestic cotton spot stabilization and quoted price adjustment only 100-100 yuan/ton, both inside and outside the cotton price difference of about 800-1000 yuan/ton, the market appeared two significant features: one is the JC21, JC26, JC30, the arrival of JC32S yarn growth prophase is more obvious, while Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia and other places under OE16S cotton yarn arrived in delivery; Secondly, Chinese importers, middlemen cotton yarn clearance will is not strong, the decrease in the number of the yuan price of cotton yarn, mainly is the comparison of the RMB exchange rate volatility and frequent buyers and sellers "without a ticket" clinch a deal the phenomenon of the rising. On October 25, 26, Qingdao port India produce OE10S, C21S, C32S, JC32S CIF quotation on $1.53 - $1.55 / kg, $2.12 - $2.15 / kg, $2.42 - $2.45 / kg, $2.68 - $2.72 / kg, price is relatively strong, mills and pricing the exporter's enthusiasm is not high.
Guangzhou some importers to analysis, at present the yarn market is also the same as the cotton market presents the pattern of "very weak", CCI, India cotton industry while domestic cotton, cotton prices steady, but ultimately depends on China's domestic cotton price trend and the capacity of the Chinese buyer. It is understood that by the end of October, the number of bonded outer yarn in China's main ports will exceed 100,000 tons, and some foreign businessmen and middlemen estimate 102,000 to 105,000 tons. And now in Hong Kong or prompt shipment of 32 s, 40 s and 50 s combed yarn, with high yarn is still primarily Chinese enterprise products to build a factory in southeast Asian countries, there is no Chinese background the proportion of foreign cotton is not high, according to statistics, China's factories in Vietnam in more than 50% of the cotton yarn, grey cloth back home), and 40 s and combed, the quality of combed yarn, CV value, and the indicators is not lower than domestic yarn, and cotton yarn dyeing, such as India and Pakistan, the characteristics of high strength and relatively prominent, therefore under 40 s cotton yarn position need not too long will all fall.
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