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  Jiangyin Dongjie Textile Machinery Special Parts Co., Ltd is a famous enterprise which specializes in manufacturing such textile machinery special parts and spare parts as roller, ring, drive pulley and ring bar, etc. it is also a leader corporation in china’s textile machinery parts company. Our enterprise has passed ISO9000-2000 quality system certification and assessed for the state high-tech enterprises.

  The company was established in june,1997. For more than a decade, Dongjie Textile parts products always have high-end position and adhere to pursuit high quality. It has gathered and cultivated a lot of medium and senior engineering technicians with rich practical experience and development capacity of textile machinery special parts. The company has possessed more than 500 sets of advanced manufacturing equipment 90,000,000 yuan fixed capital, more than 500 staff and over 100 professional technicians. Dongjie company uses manufacturing technique and management mode abroad for reference on the basis of summarizing advanced domestic textile machinery special manufacturing experience. Nowadays, production capacity of drive pulley is 18,000 sets, which has been ranked first class in China. The production capacity of ring bar is 15,000 sets. The roller’s production capacity ranks the forefront of the country, which covers spinning, roving, compact spinning, combing, twisting, wool and hemp. The production capacity of roller is 3,000,000 nodes and the high precision ring is 5 million pieces a year.

  Dongjie special parts mainly match with well-known textile machinery and textile enterprise at home and abroad. The main assorted users are nearly one thousand enterprises such as Jingwei stock, Shanghai erfangji Co,. Ltd. Dongfei Mazuoli, Italy Mazuoli,Saurer JinTan Textile Machinery,Shanxi Best Machinery, Shanxi Hongji, Zhejiang Kailing, Zhejiang Rifa, Hebei Taihang, Wuxi Hongyuan, Jiangyin Huafang Science and Technology, Qindao Huanqiu, Qindao Tianyi, Tianjin Hongda, Wuxi Yimian, Huarun Group, Xibei Yimian, Jiangsu Huafang, Shangdong Weiqiao Pioneering Group,Lutai Textile, Demian Group, Henan Yinlong Group, Huafu Textile, Xinye Textile, Handan Shengmian Group, Changshan Hengxin, Huzhou Houli, Fujian Jinyuan and Xinjiang Tianshan Textile Group. Even the Southeast Asian and European famous textile machinery ,manufacturing enterprises have a long-term strategic partnership with Dongjie company.

  With rapid development of the integration process of global economy, the company holds the business philosophy of “more processional, more precision, stronger”, developing and innovating constantly for the development of global textile industry and providing more precision and higher quality special parts for textile enterprises at home and abroad, the company cooperates with new and old customers whom from home and foreign wholeheartedly to create a brigh future.