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Enterprise spirit:
Pragmatic innovation, hard work, professionalism
Pragmatism-interpretation: persist in seeking truth and being pragmatic, fully and scientifically judge the situation, seize the opportunity, meet the challenge, overcome the difficulties, and put the foothold of accelerating the development of the enterprise on real work. Committed to the recognition, respect and support of the public, customers, employees, and peers.
Innovation - interpretation: adhere to the spirit of innovation to strengthen the construction and management of enterprises. Track the advanced technology of the industry and continuously carry out technological innovations. We are committed to achieving the goal of jointly enhancing the benefits of the entire value chain of the company, customers, suppliers and related stakeholders.
Hard work - interpretation: persist in establishing awareness of superiority and awareness of crisis, and establish the concept of "backwaters, no progress, no retreat, slow retreat". In order to promote everyone to "pace", every good "strike" and everything "strike" to form a hundred flowers blooming, horse galloping, talented people, increasing efficiency of the gratifying situation.
Dedicated to work - interpretation: adhere to love and respect, work hard, do everything well; insist on example, dedication, daring to take responsibility and risk; insist on hard work, keep making progress, keep improving, continuous improvement, constantly surpassing, committed to the enterprise The continuous development.
Our Mission:
Committed to providing value-leading products and services!
Through a combination of self-improvement, initiative and technology, and service value-added competition, focusing on the internal value chain integration and business portfolio, build strategic and organizational integration capabilities, and gradually form Dongjie unique core capabilities and differentiated competitive advantages.
The technology, quality and service of Dongjie Textile's component products form a leading brand image in the regional market and customers.
Based on the future demand of the industry, it will opportunistically capture, cultivate, and integrate future related opportunistic business. At the same time, it will try to find a growth point for cross-industry operations and build a growth ladder.
Corporate vision:
Do industry leading companies and peer management models!
Adhere to scientific development, establish a harmonious enterprise, enable employees to grow together with the company, provide career opportunities for employees to create labor wealth, and provide a business platform for realizing their own value.